Semi Automatic Linear Weigh Filling Machine for Granules.

One of the most versatile Semi Automatic Weigh Filling Machine, Model KR/SWF2-1000 is a linear weigh filler most suitable for small and start up operations requiring filling of their products into pre-formed pouches or in Solid containers. The machine is ideal for weighing and filling of almost all granular products like, Sugar, Rice, Lentils, Dals, Cashew nuts, Peanuts, Almonds, Tea powder, Coffee beans, Namkeen, Chips etc.

It is an excellent solution for Super Markets, Small to Medium size businesses  where a variety of products have to be packed and for small and medium sized re-packers.  Any unskilled person can operate. No change parts for variable weights and products. Virtually maintenance free.

Offered in different models for different weight ranges. Machines are also custom built to suit  dedicated product filling with most suitable feeders for better efficiency.