Automatic Sachet Packing Machines, Form Fill and Seal Machines, Pouch Packing Machines

K & R International offers top quality, world class, Sachet Packing Machines also known as Form Fill and Seal Machines, FFS machines, and Pouch Packing machines. These machines come in a range of models comprising of Fully Automatic Machines with advanced technology using Servo motors, Motion control systems, PLC and Touch Screens.

Automatic Form Fill and Seal Machines or Sachet Packing Machines are suitable to pack Powder, Granules,Bits, Pieces, Liquids, Creams, and Paste products like Flour, Curry Powder, turmeric powder, Spices, Milk Powder, Coffee Powder, Cassava, Gary, Henna,  Sugar, Tea, Silica gel, Lentils, Legumes, Dals, Pulses, Dry fruits,Dry snacks, Namkeens, Crisps, Chips, Farsan Liquids, Water, Sauces, Ketchup, Creams etc. etc. 
These machines are custom built to suit the characteristics of the product to be packed, Weight/Volume to be packed and the production speed desired.